Recover Your Outlook PST file

And get your Outlook back to work


Looking for something to repair your Outlook PST and for recovering your mail items and other stuff like, calendar events etc? Then Scan pest is the right thing for you!  You can try it by downloading the trial version. In fact you can scan your PST for free with the trial version of Scan PST.


 Software Features:

  • Very easy and simple for use
  • Outlook 2000/3/7/10
  • Recover deleted items
  • Recover files of larger than 2GB
  • Fix Problem due to network errors

Download size only- 18MB
Un-Install from the control panel / Software Icon

Easily fix your Scanpst.exe & Outlook Mailbox


1. Select or search for PST file

2. Select Scan mode (normal or smart for serious damaged files)

3. Let software scan your PST file and find all the emails

Protect your Outlook mailbox

It is very safe to use Scanpst.exe Pro as it only reads your data while recovery and doesn’t make any manipulations in it. While recovering the file a new file is created by the Scan PST, in order to keep the original file intact.

Scanpst.exe Pro vs. MS Scanpst.exe

Every one of us is aware of products of Microsoft, and MS Scanpst.exe is a great product. It is adding yet new features version after version to make the recovery more complex. But the inbox tool installed in the software has limited abilities to recover major part of the database failure.  Many times an additional tool is required to make the recovery, so it is not a bad idea to get the free trial version of Scan PST and check for the simplicity yourself. For more professional problems Scanpst.exe professional is also there. Get a safe and simple recovery process with Scan PST.

Where to find the free Scan PST

Location of the Free Scanpst.exe varies with the version of outlook. For outlook 2010 it is located in this particular location, [C:]Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14 (12 for 2007).

How it works on crashing outlook

It happens that you have some important files in the outlook and it does not open, but it is no matter of concern now as it may be because of some internal settings and wait for the Scanpst.exe fix it.

Preview of scan and mailbox

Scanpst.exe charges money where it can prove that it is 100% efficient in making the recovery. To check this you can use the free scan of Scanpst.exe.